1. Owner, cover Artist and Graphic Designer please feel free to contact me for any book cover work.

    Nicolene Lorette van Staden (CEO)

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Please e-mail NLD for any pricing
NLD is passionate about your Book cover(s) or any other branding / marketing. You aren't just a number, you are so much more and your Design needs are safe with NLD.
* Photoshop
 * Indesign
 *Stock photos and
a little magic (blending, colouring and some painting)
* also alot of passion
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Nicolene Lorette Design reserves the right to review and decline any commissions that do not reflect her style, morals or ethics. All projects will be considered but only inspirational work will be commissioned. This is not a judgement on other people's work, but a reflection of her strong professional and personal choices and beliefs.
The designs you see are made from using various stock image (such as models, backgrounds etc.) and blended together using technics / effects such as lighting, shading etc.